Smart Choices for Your Health: Resources for Selecting a Provider

(Family Characteristics) Getting health care for yourself or a loved one is a big responsibility, especially if you’re new to Medicare or have life changes, such as a new diagnosis of a condition or illness. a sickness. It can be overwhelming if you need services like nursing home care, finding a new doctor, or getting home health care.

Using online tools such as “Find Healthcare Providers” on can make comparisons easier and help you choose doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, and more for you or the person you care about. help provide care. Consider these benefits of using comparison tools to narrow down your options.

A resource for research

The website offers a simple search and comparison experience that lets you find suppliers near you. Simply enter a zip code and provider type to receive a list of providers, their contact information, and a map of locations. The information even includes “star ratings” and services provided. The tool can be used to find all kinds of providers, including doctors, hospitals, home care agencies, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation providers, hospices and dialysis centers.

For example, two sisters had to find a suitable retirement home for their father. It turned out to be a difficult and emotional decision. They didn’t know which nursing homes were in the area where he lives, so they entered his zip code and searched for nursing homes. They then received a list of each in their field, with notes as well as personnel data and inspection reports.

Using a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device, you can see how patients rate their care experiences at hospitals in your area and find referral agencies. home health services that provide the services you may need, such as nursing, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Contact information for local inpatient rehabilitation facilities or long-term care hospitals is available, along with palliative care quality ratings and specific care details, such as dialysis facilities offering dialysis training home.

Find health care services

Many factors influence who you trust with your health care. In some cases, family, caregivers, or friends may offer referrals to a doctor or medical facility based on their own experiences, and this can be a helpful guide.

Whether you have referrals or are starting from scratch, you can compare healthcare providers near you using the tool, identifying the category of services you need, what these include physicians and clinicians, hospitals, hospice and home care agencies, dialysis facilities, inpatient rehabilitation centers or nursing homes.

In addition to searching by your location using your address or a combination of city, state, or zip code, you can search by provider type and keyword to generate a list of providers that might meet your needs.

Find a suitable doctor

When you’re looking for a new doctor and don’t know where to start, this tool makes it quick and easy to find and compare doctors in your area. You can find contact information, practice locations, specialty and hospital affiliation, and hospital ratings.

Selecting the “compare” button allows you to compare up to three different healthcare providers at once. When you’re ready to schedule a visit with a new provider, be sure to take the time during your scheduling call to verify general information, such as the location of the office, whether the office is accepting new patients with Medicare, and whether you need a referral to be treated.

Compare nursing homes

Whether you’re planning ahead or having to make an unexpected decision, there’s a lot to think about when choosing the right retirement home for you or someone else. Many family members and caregivers prioritize location so they can check in and visit frequently, but there are also many other important factors you may want to consider.’s comparison tool provides filtering options that allow you to customize your results by sifting through the criteria that matter most to you, such as inspection results, bed count, staff, etc.

You will be able to view the retirement home’s overall “star ratings”. The information can serve as a guide to a provider’s background to help you find a home that best meets the person’s needs.

Visit to access the tool and find healthcare providers and services in your area that meet your needs.

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Guide for caregivers

Making decisions as a caregiver can be difficult, but taking advantage of available resources can help you feel more confident in your choices.

For example, allows you to find information on health care providers, hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, home health agencies, dialysis centers, inpatient rehabilitation centers and long-term care hospitals near you. The website also provides quality reviews, so you can see the service history of the provider or facility, among other details that help you make the most informed decision on behalf of the person you are helping.

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