Northeastern Colorado Health Department Virtually Solicits Input for Community Health Assessment – The Fort Morgan Times

The Northeastern Colorado Health Department has held community engagement meetings in each of the six counties it serves for the past five weeks “to obtain community input for a community health assessment that will inform decision-making, the prioritization of health issues, and the development and implementation of our next plan to improve public health,” the ministry said in a press release.

At a Logan County meeting on Tuesday, Public Health Director Trish McClain noted that since 2008, Colorado has required the development of a public health improvement plan every five years. Carrying out these plans requires numerous assessments to determine the public health needs of the community.

NCHD’s most recent PHIP focused largely on mental and behavioral health, as well as the link between mental health and physical health. McClain noted that people with a chronic health condition, such as diabetes, are more likely to have mental health issues, and those with mental health issues are also more likely to have a problem. chronic health.

“It’s important not to silo” efforts to address mental and physical health, she said.

The purpose of community assessments is to identify gaps in the public health system and ways in which the health department could partner with other agencies or health care providers to fill those gaps.

“Public health can’t fix everything,” McClain said, “but we’re really good at bringing people together.”

Attendees of the meeting, which was held both in person at the NCHD office in Sterling and virtually via Zoom, were asked to consider what is already in place to promote health in their community, as well as topics health concerns in the community.

Concerns ranged from air quality in schools and the need for strict code enforcement and animal control, to drug and alcohol abuse treatment resources and transportation to all kinds of health services.

In reviewing the list of concerns, participants were also asked to find ways in which the health service could help meet those needs, such as increased communications or the availability of information in Spanish and other languages. other languages ​​to help inform the community of resources and programs that are available.

The health department is hosting one last community engagement meeting virtually for the entire six-county region. The meeting will take place at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 1 on Zoom. To register for this virtual meeting, go to, click on the “find a meeting – register” button and register for the latest meeting (virtual only). Zoom information to join the meeting will be sent to you.

“We would like to invite all members of the community to participate in this health assessment,” the NCHD press release reads. “If you know of others who may also be interested in participating, please share this information with them.”

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