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Lindsey Poston

The Mesquite Salvation Army has added a new position to its local office. Lindsey Poston, the new Community Health Officer for the Virgin Valley region, works for Prevention, Advocacy, Choices and Teamwork (PACT).

PACT’s mission is to prevent substance abuse in the community. “Virgin Valley didn’t have a community health worker, so I’m working under a big umbrella,” Poston said. “I help people find the resources they need. I can help with health and mental health issues.
Poston works for PACT under a four-year grant from the CARES Housing Assistance Program (CHAP).

She is preparing a booklet listing all available community resources that can be distributed to the public. She is working with others in the state looking for ways to get a much needed mental health facility in the Mesquite community. A senior service advisor will come in June to meet with Poston about this.

Poston holds a bachelor’s degree in healthcare management. “Mental health care services are my passion due to personal family experiences,” Poston said. “Mental health and addiction go hand in hand.”

Poston is a twenty year resident of the Mesquite community.
“I’m here to provide community outreach services and links to resources,” she said. “I would like to start group sessions and programs for children. Our mental health workers in this community are overwhelmed, we need more services here.

Poston’s office is located in the Salvation Army Mesquite Building at 742 Pioneer Blvd. Suite D. She can also be contacted by phone at 702-345-5116 or by email at [email protected]

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