Atrium Health plans $300 million innovation district with medical school

Atrium Health, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is planning its innovation district in Charlotte, North Carolina, where it will build a four-year medical school, innovation and research center, according to an August 24 Charlotte’s Business Diary report.

The innovation hub is set to become a life sciences hub. Atrium Health will leverage its existing relationships in Charlotte to create a pipeline of partner community colleges and other organizations to source talent, said Hillary Crittendon, business development manager at Atrium Health.

The innovation district will be a compact urban area combining offices, shops and housing. Tenants will be screened by a property development company to ensure they contribute to the neighborhood, according to the report.

For example, a dental office would not be suitable, but smaller research firms would, as they can scale into larger operations, the report says.

The medical school will be 300,000 square feet in size and 18 stories high. The research building is expected to be 250,000 square feet and 10 stories tall. The innovation and research building will be connected to the faculty of medicine. The three buildings and parking garage will exceed $300 million and take eight to ten years to complete.

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