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·  Commit to Quit
·  New York State Smokers' Quitline
·  Web-Based Committed Quitters Stop Smoking Plan
·  Not-On-Tobacco (N–O–T)
·  Put It Out Rockland
·  Sonoma County Tobacco Use Prevention
·  The California Tobacco Control Program
·  Livingston County Tobacco Control Program
·  Waterloo Smoking By-law and Cigarette Labeling
·  Lancaster County School-Community Tobacco Prevention Program
·  Project Towards No Tobacco Use
·  Smoking?...Not in Mama's House!
·  Stopping Teenage Addiction to Tobacco
·  ASSIST: A Stop Smoking in Schools Trial
·  Bootheel Heart Health Project
·  California Smoker’s Hotline
·  CDC COMMUNITY GUIDE: Decreasing Tobacco Use Among Workers: Incentives & Competitions to Increase Smoking Cessation CDC
·  Hartslag Limburg (Heartbeat Limburg)
·  Heartbeat Wales
·  Increasing the Unit Price for Tobacco Products
·  Project EX
·  Project SixTeen
·  Baby & Me - Tobacco Free
·  CDC COMMUNITY GUIDE: Increasing Tobacco Use Cessation: Multicomponent Interventions that Include Telephone Support CDC
·  Charlotte REACH 2010
·  Heart to Heart
·  Improving Pediatric Asthma Care in the District of Columbia (IMPACT DC)
·  Lawndale Health Promotion Project
·  Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program
·  Tobacco Control Compliance Check Program
·  Workplace Solutions
·  Alaska’s Tobacco Quit Line
·  Antismoking Media Campaign
·  CDC COMMUNITY GUIDE: Increasing Tobacco Use Cessation: Mass Media Campaigns When Combined with Other Interventions CDC
·  CDC COMMUNITY GUIDE: Increasing Tobacco Use Cessation: Reducing Client Out-of-Pocket Costs for Cessation Therapies CDC
·  CDC COMMUNITY GUIDE: Reducing Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke: Smoking Bans and Restrictions CDC
·  Learn To Be ... Tobacco Free

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